Status (SNT) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2025, 2030

What is Status?

Status is open source secured private messaging platform and internet interface for thousands of Ethereum hosted decentralized application dApps. Status basically manage Ethereum Blockchain based applications with messenger form factor where Ethereum will feel like more user friendly for smartphone user. Status is provider developed by Status network who having experience of building product, tools and infrastructure for different communities.

Status provides key feature along with communication i.e. Crypto Wallet and web3 browser, where user can send payment or any user around the world using crypto asset. Initially, status wanted to replace traditional data controlling, where they dropped 3rd party control over data with peer to peer communication between network by creating bridge with them.

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Status choose Ethereum Blockchain because they wanted to create messenger that easily interact with dapps with involvement of any central entity. Status only require smartphone and internet connection for peer to peer payments and secure communication for everyone. Status utilized fuel by SNT token created on top of Ethereum blockchain. SNT token also work as governance token for stakeholder it enables ability to vote on ecosystem for development for software in future.

Status Price Prediction

Month & YearSNT Price Prediction
June 2021$0.2584
July 2021$0.4798
August 2021$0.5417
September 2021$0.5819
October 2021$0.6655
November 2021$0.8945
December 2021$0.9641
January 2022$1.4702
February 2022$1.7333
March 2022$2.0273
April 2022$1.8881
May 2022$2.3523
June 2022$2.5226
July 2022$2.8166
August 2022$2.2440
September 2022$2.6773
October 2022$3.1726
November 2022$2.8321
December 2022$3.0178
July 2023$3.4047
January 2025$6.9796
March 2025$6.3761
May 2025$6.8403
July 2025$6.0511
September 2025$7.0106
October 2025$7.2427
Decemeber 2025$7.6141
January 2030$13.4950
March 2030$14.2997
May 2030$15.5378
July 2030$16.1259
September 2030$14.8878
December 2030$16.6366

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Status Overview

Project nameStatus
Ticker SymbolSNT
Total Supply6,804,870,174
Based ondApps Communication
Launched year2017
All-time high$0.67 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Upbit, FOBLGATE, OKEx, Bithumb, Huobi Global, BKEX, BiKi, Binance JEX, ZB,com
WalletMetamask, Ledger.

SNT ICO Overview

Platform usedERC-20
Raised by$107,660,000 USD
Date of ICO19th June 2017
Status Price Prediction

Status Price Analysis

Status gets indexed on CMC In June 2017 with average price of $0.055 USD and now in 2020 SNT still chasing that target. However, Status got recognition in 2020 after development of Decentralized Finance creating buzz with its massive performance. The most of Ethereum based token integrated with DeFi and continue to follow bullish trend, now status being one of the important parts of development and communication of dApps Status still got massive run ahead 2020.


Will SNT hit $1?

Yes, probably after 2027.

How much SNT will be worth in 5 years?

Expected to cross $0.5 USD mark

How Much SNT Worth in 2030?

Probably worth more than $1.5 USD.

Is Status a Good Investment?

Yes, Seeing growth in number of dApps then Status can shine in future.


Status project building pillars for development of Decentralized Application with mobile application-based communication. Ethereum platform based dApps has consistently evolve and thousand of dApps launching daily basis and to manage them Status will be the great option. However, Status also provide infrastructure to building dapps with basic knowledge of blockchain. community strongly believe that Status can be next big thing in blockchain technology.

Status Rating