SUN Token Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is SUN?

Coming from Tron Blockchain based decentralized Finance (DeFi) Vision Sun with social experiment with unlimited imagination launched. Sun is said to be crucial part of Tron DeFi and it is developed with different existing DeFi Project. Sun DeFi aim to bring decentralized Lending, insurance, stable coins and liquidity along with other DeFi feature. Sun was developed by well-known community sun community.

Sun expected to be deployed on Tron Virtual machine and it can correlate with other big DeFi project. SUN function has open source smart contact, where all function implemented on it. it follows community governance system, where SUN utility token holder and miner can vote in different decision and also take part in discussions.

SUB is TRC20 based digital asset i.e. technical standard for token that uses smart contract on the Tron Blockchain. is official platform where SUN distributed considering mining, where user rewarded SUN Token or mine by staking TRC or even provider liquidity pool. as of writing it support 3 different token pair with zero handling fees. Genesis mining, regular mining with different rule set already launched and expected to gained attention from investor.

Sun token Price Prediction

Month & YearSUN Price Prediction
November 2020$15.38
December 2020$22.67
January 2021$28.85
February 2021$33.80
March 2021$34.92
April 2021$38.66
May 2021$35.93
June 2021$41.70
July 2021$43.22
August 2021$40.38
September 2021$46.15
October 2021$49.39
November 2021$52.73
December 2021$49.80
January 2022$54.45
February 2022$56.27
March 2022$51.82
April 2022$59.61
May 2022$62.25
June 2022$64.37
July 2022$60.63
August 2022$64.17
September 2022$67.51
October 2022$69.73
November 2022$75.30
December 2022$70.34
January 2025$74.29
March 2025$78.95
May 2025$82.18
July 2025$120.34
October 2025$119.23
Decemeber 2025$123.78
January 2030$135.93
March 2030$199.79
May 2030$203.64
July 2030$199.29
October 2030$202.22
December 2030$213.76

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SUN Overview

Project nameSUN
Ticker SymbolSUN Token
Total Supply19,900,730
Based onTron Blockchain Defi
Launched year2020
All-time high$28.05 USD
Exchange PlatformBinance, Huobi Global, OKEx, BitForex, PoloniDex, BitZ, Biki,, CoinEx, KuCoin, MXC, LBank, HBTC
WalletTronLink Wallet
Sun Token Price Prediction

Sun Token Price Analysis

SUN Token yield farming offering maximum 694% APY with TRX staking. On 21st September 2020 Binance officially announces to bring SUN Token trading on platform. however, following Binance listing announcement SUN Token price hiked by almost 3% and after listing it may bring bullish run. However, it was officially indexed on 11th September 2020 with average price of $25.04 USD and since last few days it keeps fluctuation up. Mining was started from 16th September 2020 but that not able create big impact but Binance listing can bring more investor in SUN platform.


Can SUN Token go up?


Is SUN a Good Investment?

Yes, unlike other Tron Project and following trend of Defi, sun will be the best project in invest in.


Binance along with Listing SUN launched new Innovation zone i.e. full y dedicate to trading zone. In the innovation zone platform enable user to trade innovative token that comes with highly volatility and pose a higher risk as compare to another token. before you enter into trading zone of Sun Binance will ask user to sign agreement where it mention Sun Token is different and highly risky. One good thing about project there will no VC, PE investment and no distribution of token within team. It solely run by Public and more you own SUN Token more power you own. So, having back by Tron and their other project, Sun still come up higher APY Return and mining features.

SUN Token Rating