WOZX (Efforce) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is WOZX?

Efforce company joined HBTC Chain to launched their first ever token i.e., WOZX. Token gets big recognition following its listing on HBTC trading platform because it is founded by Apple co-founder Wozniak. As he mentioned in whitepaper “true innovation is the one that improve people’s live”. Efforce said to be first ever energy efficient project based on Blockchain platform. it aims to incentivized contributor for funding energy saving project around the globe. so, with Efforce user can connect with different companies or startup founder to help them to developed energy efficient projects.

The team behind Efforce having a 8 year of experience in energy efficiency and till now they has saved $700 million energy cost. However, this companies will be backed Efforce project at back end, as efficiency structure is developed by Energy service companies with energy performance contracts. This companies will be capable of generating return for investor i.e., contributor of projects.

Efforce is fully capable for solving key problem in energy efficiency market, as its demand continue to rise. Efforce will simply established contact of contributor with savers. so, considering stats since year 2000 to 2018 more than 12% energy can be saved if they improve energy efficiency.

WOZX price Prediction

Month & YearWOZX Price Prediction
February 2021$1.9596
March 2021$2.8878
April 2021$3.6743
May 2021$4.3060
June 2021$4.4478
July 2021$4.9248
August 2021$4.5767
September 2021$5.3116
October 2021$5.5050
November 2021$5.1440
December 2021$5.8788
January 2022$6.2914
February 2022$6.7168
March 2022$6.3429
April 2022$6.9360
May 2022$7.1680
June 2022$6.6008
July 2022$7.5935
August 2022$7.9287
September 2022$8.1994
October 2022$7.7224
November 2022$8.1736
December 2022$8.5991
January 2025$8.8827
March 2025$9.5918
April 2025$8.9601
May 2025$9.4629
July 2025$10.0559
September 2025$10.4684
October 2025$15.3288
Decemeber 2025$15.1870
January 2030$15.7671
March 2030$17.3142
May 2030$25.4491
July 2030$25.9390
September 2030$25.3847
October 2030$25.7586
December 2030$27.2283

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Efforce Overview

Project nameEfforce
Ticker SymbolWOZX
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Official websiteEfforce.io
Based onEnergy Saving Blockchain
Launched year2020
All-time high$1.45 USD
Exchange PlatformHBTC, Bithumb Global

WOZX Price Analysis

Efforce token aka WOZX is utility token simply decide qualification or eligibility for investing energy saving project. however, Efforce Token supply will release as per their policy, as it also distributed as per original plan. however, WOZX as of writing listed on Bithumb global, HBTC trading platform. as per data from HBTC, WOZX with trading pair was listed with price $0.10 USD and it went up to cross $1 USD mark with almost 10x hiked. WOZX has collection $9 million USD volume in 24 hours as per 6th December 2020 report. WOZX will brings tokenization system in Energy efficiency and it major aspect such transaction, investing will be simplified and gets better security and privacy.

WOZX Price Prediction


Will WOZX hit $10?

Probably after 2025.

How Much WOZX Worth in 2030?

Expected to be worth around $25 USD.

Is Efforce a Good Investment?

Team behind project is highly capable of doing wonder and that will ultimately benefit Efforce market worth.


Worldwide there are billion of companies ignore energy efficiency models, as result they not able save energy cost. However, different companies can use their energy saved to be used in critical project, as with this vision Efforce can provide better solution. Project will help fundraising for new energy saving projects that can be beneficial for fundraiser and companies too. Blockchain and energy saving will be interesting and it coming from co-founder of Apple is already creating buzz in the market. Blockchain continue to attract mastermind in business of tech that could be another interesting turn.

Efforce Rating