DeviantCoin (DEV) Price Prediction 2020, 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030

What is DeviantCoin?

DeviantCoin based on PoS i.e. Proof of Stake Blockchain that aim to provide security for private crypto experience. DeviantCoin is fork of PIVX Blockchain and built on Zerocoin protocol. Dev masternode i.e. PoS algorithm aim to provide different features like message encryption, private & Secure transaction, stealth address, less no of confirmation and low transaction fees DeviantCoin Developer has simple aim in mind i.e. provide safe and more user-friendly structure for coin or token usages.

Masternodes plays important role with DeviantCoin where they always connect with network to perform different task on platform. DeviantCoin’s masternode is decentralized network that eliminated third parties or intermediaries, where 90% pure PoS block rewards. Network ensure faster and secure transaction on their own decentralized hardware wallet for DEV token and another cryptocurrency. platform offers block reward for staker and masternode holder for maintaining DEV ecosystem.

DEVX is hybrid Decentralized exchange platform that leverage coins on the Bitshares Blockchain. DEVX is one of the most advanced exchange platforms that fetch best feature form existing centralized and Decentralized Exchanges. DEVX is said to be first ever Decentralized exchange with three factor authentication feature and it supported by external hardware device in order to bring extra security.

DeviantCoin Price Prediction

Month & YearDEV Price Prediction
November 2020$0.8972
December 2020$1.3222
January 2021$1.6823
February 2021$1.9715
March 2021$2.0364
April 2021$2.2548
May 2021$2.0954
June 2021$2.4319
July 2021$2.5204
August 2021$2.3552
September 2021$2.6916
October 2021$2.8805
November 2021$3.0753
December 2021$2.9041
January 2022$3.1756
February 2022$3.2819
March 2022$3.0221
April 2022$3.4767
May 2022$3.6301
June 2022$3.7541
July 2022$3.5357
August 2022$3.7423
September 2022$3.9371
October 2022$4.0669
November 2022$4.3916
December 2022$4.1023
January 2025$4.3325
March 2025$4.6041
May 2025$4.7929
July 2025$7.0182
October 2025$6.9533
Decemeber 2025$7.2189
January 2030$7.9272
March 2030$11.6518
May 2030$11.8761
July 2030$11.6223
October 2030$11.7935
December 2030$12.4664

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DeviantCoin Overview

Project nameDeviantCoin
Ticker SymbolDEV
Total Supply88,000,000
Based onPoS
Launched year2018
All-time high$96.54 USD
Exchange PlatformFEX, Graviex
WalletDeviant X
DeviantCoin Price Prediction

DEV Price Analysis

2nd last week of September 2020 month was breakthrough year for DeviantCoin i.e. DEV token after securing 8000% growth in just 1 week. however, in all time highest record DEV was about to cross $100 USD mark record but it missed by just $4 USD. DEV is unpredictable because its price graph clearly shows unexpected bullish and bearish trend. DeviantCoin is 2nd most gained blockchain project as per CMC report of September 2020 year. DEV Coin based on privacy that follow PoS/MN rewards stricture.


Can DEV reach $10 USD?

Most probably after 2021.

Is DeviantCoin a Good Investment?

DeviantCoin is highly risky Coin, so we will suggest do you own research before investment.


DeviantCoin the future of Blockchain in cryptocurrency Exchange and Storage. the project passively working on speed and security of transaction along with all in one solution for user include Exchange, Wallet, staking with masternodes. It adopted masternode means proof of stake consensus algorithm when most of blockchain project was using PoW algorithm. After development of DEVX project try to provide best user experience without sacrifice security. However, instead of following ERC-20 Token, team decided to create own network.

DeviantCoin Rating