New BitShares (NBS) Coin Price Prediction 2021, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

What is New BitShares?

New Bitshares blockchain project that focus on vision of BitShares (BTS) community. New Shares is based on BitShares blockchain in technical term called as Fork version of Bitshares Blockchain.  BTS community wanted continue mission of BitShares that originally planned as team wanted develop new chain with new team. Main reason behind launching New Bitshares is to rectify governance issue as community makes final decision. So, with new project BitShares finally makes entry into Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Space.

The platform allow user to create own decentralized market, exchange integration platform, as with multiple decentralized services new bitshares claimed to become all-round decentralized blockchain platform. New Bitshares utilize Delegated Proof of Stake i.e. DPoS consensus algorithm that will help to achieves 3000+ transaction per second and integration of governance structure. The community of project will be distributed all over the world, as platform inheriting community from BTS blockchain. however, DPoS will be added new innovative way in the voting that includes locked voting, voting weight decay, anytime removal of vote, non-locked accounts votes and more.

The in future development plan NBS aiming to bring innovation in autonomous blockchain community, deployment of application and cutting-edge technology.

New BitShares Price Prediction

Month & YearNBS Price Prediction
April 2021$0.02979
May 2021$0.03550
June 2021$0.03960
July 2021$0.04192
August 2021$0.04513
September 2021$0.03353
October 2021$0.03960
November 2021$0.04352
December 2021$0.05155
January 2022$0.05262
February 2022$0.05744
March 2022$0.06136
April 2022$0.05940
May 2022$0.06921
June 2022$0.06332
July 2022$0.07046
August 2022$0.06528
September 2022$0.06956
October 2022$0.06564
November 2022$0.07117
December 2022$0.06725
January 2025$0.07046
March 2025$0.27148
April 2025$0.28325
May 2025$0.27540
July 2025$0.28521
September 2025$0.28735
October 2025$0.28325
Decemeber 2025$0.27933
January 2030$0.28575
February 2030$0.54670
March 2030$0.53903
April 2030$0.55081
May 2030$0.55687
July 2030$0.56276
September 2030$0.55259
October 2030$0.56080
December 2030$0.56864

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New Bitshares Overview

Project nameNew Bitshares
Ticker SymbolNBS
Total Supply3,600,000,000
Based onBitshares
Launched year2020
All-time highNA
Exchange PlatformBinance, Huobi Global, MXC, BigONE, BiONE, ZB, WazirX.
WalletOwn wallet

NBS Price Prediction

NBS is utility token of New BitShares Blockchain that used for transaction fees, enable voting rights, investment or even in staking in the network. NBS highlighted after it witness more than 100% growth in just last 24 hours. As NBS appears on top coins on coingecko and google trends and immediate after listing on Binance it collected decent market volume. New BitShares Token likely to have same response as Bitshares and likely to ended of having similar ranking in future. as, owning NBS will be gives freedom to vote on governance system that means user going to takes part in future development.

New BitShares Price Prediction


Is NBS a good Investment?

Try to purchase as early as possible because in future prices may follow bullish trend.

Will NBS Reach $1 USD?

As per our prediction $1 USD possible probably after 2025.


BitShares continues to drive in latest innovation, as they launched new project along with new teams and platform. as DPoS infrastructure is currently one of the most used that can be help network to have better performance. now, DeFi already set benchmark in blockchain and most of project already integrated decentralized governance structure in their network. as New Bitshares looks promising and providing better DeFi services can help them to attract more investor in future.

New BitShares Rating